It is no secret that Claude Vonstroke has been hard at work whether he’s touring the world, selling out event after event, producing jarring tracks in the studio, or bringing his Dirtybird Campout to the east coast. Clearly, nothing can slow him down, especially in when it comes to creating new music.

As the father of the Dirtybird label heads off for his European tour, he leaves the world with the official release of his EP Walay (My Bae), compromised of two amazing tracks. The first track ‘Walay (My Bae)’ carries an uplifting tech-house vibe with a little bit of funk sprinkled in. The lyrics are robotic and repetitive, but insanely catchy on this one.

A much darker note is carried into the second track of the EP, ‘Raw Nerve’. The dark, distorted vocals seem to tap into the psyche of someone who is feeling vulnerable as they divulge into their own insecurities. Right before the end of the track, the rhythm takes a turn into robust lazers and a deep, gritty bassline that is sure to make anyone release their bass face. Claude Vonstroke has tapped into another dimension on this track, but the entire EP is guaranteed to have you listening over and over.

Check it out below!