Hippie Sabotage Brings the Bass to Boston

It’s Friday March 2nd as I enter the House of Blues near Boston’s infamous Fenway Park to catch the Hippie Sabotage ‘Path of Righteousness Tour‘. I have heard so much buzz about this tour, so I knew I had to catch them as they came to my hometown. I love the vibes of their music and have been a fan for a few years now. I must admit though… this will be my first live experience from the two brothers, Jeff and Kevin Saurer, but I know I am in for a real treat.

The venue is empty upon my early arrival for the interview, but that means nothing for what is about to come in the next hour or so. The first opening act is a young Pop artist named Olivia Noelle, and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. She has a powerhouse of a voice, which is filled with deep, sultry undertones. When she came out on stage, she celebrated that this was her first time on tour as she sang her original singles with the electric guitar on accompaniment.

The next act is a Wisconsin based, house and downtempo producer who goes by the name of Melvv. His energy on the stage is powerful as he starts to get the crowd amped up for Hippie Sabotage. He does an amazing job mixing different genres as he goes from ‘Say It’ by Flume to an Eminem cover, to the headbanging Skrillex remix of ‘Be Humble’.

Despite the Nor’easter keeping a majority of the city indoors on this blustery night, the crowd has filled in as Hippie Sabotage is set to take the stage. Overall, the crowd feels young, but you can tell that these guys bring in listeners from different genres, which is an invigorating feeling. As soon as the two brothers take the stage, the crowd goes absolutely wild. Kevin and Jeff open up jumping around the stage chanting “I don’t give a f*&% what” as the crowd chants back and gets amped for what is about to come over the next two hours.

As the show continues the energy from the two brothers grows. Kevin takes the forefront of the hype man role. He loves being right in there with his fans as he walks to the front of the stage shaking hands and taking selfies. Jeff supports this energy by spinning their face-warping, bass-infused originals that make you want to head bang… although this is far from a Dubstep show! As the LED screen gives crazy psychedelic visuals in the background, Jeff takes the stage with his electric guitar. Throughout the show, his fingers glide up and down the guitar effortlessly as they add this electrifying live element to their set. You can also tell the brothers have brought a piece of their musical background with them. You get that 

underground hip-hop sound rooted in most of the music they are producing and playing now. All these elements are what makes them and this show so unique.

Hippie Sabotage played all my favorite songs by them; ‘Devil Eyes’, ‘Your Soul’, ‘Ridin Solo’, ‘Stay High’, among many others. You can tell they have as much love for their fans and their fans have for them. Throwing free t-shirts and waters out to everyone, they make sure the crowd stays engaged (and hydrated) throughout the entire show. There is no shortage of crowd surfing either! Personally, I thought the crowd was young, so I noticed a lot of cell phone use and less engagement on the fan side. Those of us who were detached from the outside world were taken on a musical and psychedelic journey of originality. Kevin and Jeff did not disappoint as they came out for an encore and featured a new song they wrote, letting us know that Hippie Sabotage is far from finished making waves in this genre. Overall, Hippie Sabotage brought an element of diversity, great vibes, and honestly… the show was just fun AF! I would highly suggest putting them on your must see list! Tour dates go through March 31, check out http://www.hippiesabotage.com/.

Photo Credit: Isné Bobo Nuyent@bobo.xxndigo