Woofax Drops Greazy On Circus Records

Matt Simmers may have only been operating under the pseudonym, Woofax, for less than twelve-months, but this is a man whose music you sure as hell will be familiar with. As the major musical creative force behind both Terravita and Hot Pink Delorean, Matt has earned his stripes over a musical career that has thus far spanned a decade. As Tremourz, he released a string of hit singles, including the North American dubstep anthem, “Sexy Party” with J Rabbit, played an instrumental part in the beginning of Dillon Francis’ career, and assisted on Excision’s album, Codename X. Matt’s latest incarnation, Woofax, was born out of his desire to transcend genre pigeonholing and the pursuit of musical freedom.

Circus Records are stoked to welcome Woofax to the family with his brand-new banger, “Greazy.” It’s a masterfully crafted soundscape of roomy pounding half-time drums, relentless squelchy bass, and so many uplifters and pitch rises that crowds will feel like they’re on the ceiling! Greazy is sure to be a dancefloor hit this autumn, propelling Woofax to the level of Matt’s previous projects.