Sonic Agenda Exclusive Interview: Spag Heddy

In five years Spag Heddy has taken what was a side job and turned it into a successful profession serving the daily dose of the the tomato bass. With the release of his ‘Meatball Mafia EP‘ on Never Say Die Records, Spag Heddy has taken the bass scene and 2017 by storm. Recently Sonic Agenda got to speak with Spag Heddy about the EP, the ‘Meatball Mafia Tour’, his friendship with Snails, Electric Zoo, and more.

When did you know that music was the career path for you? What inspires you to create music for your fans?

I really started realizing the Spag Heddy thing could actually get somewhere was about end 2012, when my music got picked up by Dutch artist (scratch king) Kypski. I was still studying motion graphic design at the time,my other passion, but was slowly starting to feel more inspired for music than video. In the time I really just made it for fun, for myself, and only dreamed of ever being on a stage playing my music live. With new online platforms like (now it all started rolling really fast. Bookings came in and at some point I chose to quit my side job to be able to play more shows. When I started playing shows for fans that brought new inspiration and motivation to make more music. The experiences, vibes, energy at the shows really pump me up for producing.

Earlier this year you kicked off the ‘Meatball Mafia Tour’, can you tell us how the tour has been so far? Are there any artists on tour with you?

The Meatball Mafia Tour has been absolutely amazing, so many good shows and experiences, meeting fans and industry people and at the same time seeing so much of the world. It’s indescribable. The sizes of shows really don’t matter. So many smaller crowds go harder than the bigger ones. I get just as pumped (and nervous) for 200 as I do for 5000 peeps. I’m not doing a bus tour so I’m not literally taking artists with me, but every now and then I have cool guys on stage with me like Bommer, Hoverboots and Phiso.

Speaking of the tour, your latest stop was in NYC for Electric Zoo. What was the EZOO experience like at the Hilltop Arena?

Wild! Went total apeshit with those crazy bassheads.

Back in April you released the ‘Meatball Mafia’ EP which features Virus Syndicate and Tisoki. Can you tell us how this EP came about? Also what was it like working with Virus Syndicate & Tisoki?

The EP really started with ‘Samir’, which was my set opening for US shows in 2016. It was never meant to actually be released, until Skism heard and wanted to release it. Like always I had a bunch of other tunes laying that I showed to him and the choices for tracks were – again like always – pretty easily made. We were in the middle of rebranding too and started the hashtag #meatballmafia for my followers, and it immediately brought the idea to name the EP and upcoming tour like that. It all fell together perfectly. I wanted to work with vocalists and NSD linked me with Virus Syndicate, who liked ‘Bring It’ and recorded it first try. It’s a true honor to have worked with them since I’ve listened to them from the first days of dubstep. Working with Tisoki was once again just too easy, we love each other’s work, and really had the space on ‘Jok’ to have fun with our typical sounds. The only struggle with this collaboration was me losing the first project and practically remaking everything.

One of your earlier tracks ‘Permanent’ was featured in a KFC commercial in Romania. What was it like the first time you saw it?

Unreal haha. I was by myself but still looked around me like ha are you all seeing this?!!

Who is one artist that you would like to collaborate with in the industry? As well as outside of the industry?

That will forever be Skrillex, for the obvious reasons. It would also be amazing to work with amazing vocalists like Post Malone, Norah Jones, or Adele, haha. Hey we are all allowed to dream.

You just got announced to be apart of ‘The Shell Tour’ with Snails, Squnto, And Funtcase. How did this tour come about? What is your relationship with Snailz like?

Well due to my own busy schedule I’m only playing the NYE show. Which is gonna be madness! Snails is a terrific producer, and one of the craziest but nicest people in the scene. We’ve met a bunch of times and are big fans of each other’s music. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible that we might work on something in the near future. But you didn’t hear this from me.

What can fans expect from Spag Heddy to close out 2017?

My playlist for the upcoming shows contains lots of smoking hot new dub plates, VIP’s, and edits. Some of these are exclusively for shows, so you gotta come to get the full Heddy experience. There’s big year highlights for me coming up like Lost Lands festival (pretty much all original set!) Imagine Festival, my first ever tour in India, and more huge NYE shows to be announced!