Sonic Selecections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 05.15.17

Hey guys! In this week’s edition of Meltdown Mondays, we have a good number of the tracks brought to you by European producers, plus a track from a new Moving Castle drop. Enjoy!

Darren Styles & Gammer – “Feel Like This” (Deon Custom & Glacci Remix)

Glacci & Deon Custom are one of my favorite production team-ups. They’re like the super heroes of the electronic music world, here to fend off terribly boring and unimaginative music. But to see them do a remix of a Darren Styles and Gammer track, that’s like a double super hero team up. So enjoy this track for sure.


Daft Punk – “Fresh” (Justin Faust Club Mix)

Holy hell did I get lost on Justin Faust‘s page this past week. I spent hours driving around and listening to all of his uploads. He’s a fantastic producer and this a new remix to an older favorite. JF is from Germany.


ZHU – “Nightcrawler” (Styline Remix)

This track certainly made driving around looking for a parking spot in Boston much more manic and enjoyable.


Habeeb – “Sugar (Used To)” [Prod. by Sango & Lakim]

110% summer anthem right here. I’ve been bangin’ this track very heavily over the last week. And will continue to do so.


Britney Spears – “Work B**ch” (iamMANOLIS Remix)

IamManolis makes this awesome synth, Vice-City type music and has done some other really cool top-40/pop remixes. I love the Britney vocals over something incredibly different sounding then her usual music.


Kultur – “Solivagant”

This song is two years old, but it kept playing after another song on this list. Usually when this happens, I’m pulled out of my daydream of whatever the first song puts me into and I realize that it ended. But this track seemed to carry me into an even deeper daydream. And because of this, I thought it would add some value to Meltdown Mondays this week.


SAKIMA – “I Used To Have An En Suit” (Feat. Alizzz)

Finally, I’m ecstatic to be able to share the first cut off of Sakima’s new EP Facsimile which dropped over the weekend. Listen to the whole thing. It’s amazing.