Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 05.08.17

Hey guys. Got some new tasty tracks for you guys to munch on this week. Each one is fairly different then the last so I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like. Enjoy.

Mackned Feat. Lil Peep – “Suicide” (Prod. by BigHeadOnTheBeat)

This one’s about a month old, but it slid into my stream this week so you guys get to check it out now! You’ll notice the usual GBC formula for success – an “Alt Rock” beat (I love how they started that tag trend by the way), depraved lyrics, catchy hook and verse provided by Lil Peep and so on. I’ve been putting this on repeat every time I’ve been in the car this past week. Lil Peep and BigHead are both out of LA currently, with Mackned in Seattle.


Porter Robinson & Madeon – “Shelter” (Robotaki Remix)

I never really bought into the Porter/Madeon hype; it’s too shoved down my throat at this point from every SoundCloud producer age 15-22. BUT, I consider Robotaki a mix master god. I’ve always loved his mixes and song selection. I was lucky enough to play this one out pretty much in its entirety this past weekend for a 1000 person boat and needless to say it sounded just as good there as it did in my car for the last week.


Ametsub – “Precipice”

How can you not love this track from Japan’s Ametsub? That synth is addicting as all hell. You can grab the 12″ EP “Sky Droppin'” via Blueberry Records if you can find it – this track came out last year. I’m assuming Discogs is the only place to grab it now.


Stanzah! – “SEGA”

This track by London’s Stanzah came numerically after another feature from this week’s playlist and I’d always let it play out without even realizing it. It was that good. “SEGA” was released on “STAR TRAP II“, which is Stanzah’s interpretation of The Neptunes influence on us musically. Well worth the listen.


Jagwar Ma – “Slipping” (Soulwax Remix)

It really wouldn’t be a week in the life of Meltdown Mondays without a little lofi NuWave groove to take you into Tuesday, would it? You can check out all of the remixes and Jagwar Ma’s new EP “Every Now & Zen” here, but this one by Soulwax was my favorite by far.


falls – “Stray_46”

Perfection from Minnesota’s Falls. How can you not dig this?


D.R.A.M. Feat. Lil Yachty – “Broccoli” (Chet Porter Remix)

This remix by Chet Porter has been out almost a month now but you can thank me constantly forgetting to listen to it until now for the delay. Either way, it’s still dope, and you’ll be sure to hear Chet’s signature bubble gum style giving this track a whole new spin.