Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 04.24.17

Many chippy lil beats today, welcome!

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Lil Hank – “Pupperino”

I’m unsure who’s the producer behind the Lil Hank moniker, but Brett Blackman (manager of some big Moving Castle names) is Hank’s owner in real life. As a fellow Pomeranian owner and lover, I am obviously biased to share the musical endeavors of any Pom pup, but even more so considering it’s actually a good track.


Secret Attraction – “Truly” (HAWAII94 Remix)

I’ve been hooked on this remix by Melbourne’s HAWAII94. The melody he lays down is so groovy. I feel like I’m grabbing a bite at The Max after a day of classes at Bayside High jammin’ out to this. Definitely one of those times that the remix wins me over far more then the original.


2ToneDisco – “Basketball”

I’ve never not featured a 2ToneDisco track. End of discussion.


Nanode – Sweet Slam Dunk Satisfaction (Lyfestyle Remix)

Sorry for the lack of info on this track but the remix producer Lyfestyle wasn’t tagged in the SoundCloud bio. Two other producers were? Not sure. Anyway, this is some bumpin’ chiptune, thought you guys might enjoy.


Kyle x Lil Yachty – “iSpy” (Cookies x Cream Remix)

I’m not a fan of the mumble rap movement but this track by the San Diego duo Cookies x Cream is awesome. Free download too!


Catmosphere – “Aquatic Harambience” (Donkey Kong Country Remix)

One part Donkey Kong, one part moomba, one part theme album, welcome to Catmosphere’s brain.


Ice Cream – “Melt”

The intro little melody sounds absolutely perfect. PERFECT.