Dillon Francis And G-Eazy Team Up For Explosive Release ‘Say Less’

‘Yes on yes on yes on yes’! The anticipation is over! Just yesterday Dillon Francis released a bass-ridden track called ‘Say Less’ where he teams up with legendary rapper G-Easy for the vocals. Not only does this song explode, but it is also the first official single off of Dillon Francis’ just announced IDGAFOS label launch.

The track has massive energy from the second it takes off. ‘Say Less’ starts off with a fast, deep bass line, but quickly switches into a hip-hop inspired trap banger. The horns are deep and dirty and the bass is heavy, driving the drop into the next verse. G-Eazy’s vocals add authenticity to the topic of the track, which is about “meeting a girl at a music festival and finding love under the influence of multiple illicit substances.” No talk, no games, just straight to the point for this duo.

Dillon Francis and G-Easy do a great job teaming up to make this an exciting and entertaining track to say the least. I hope there is more to come from these two because I already am catching myself listening to this fire on repeat! Also, perfect timing with the kick off of festival season!