Sonic Agenda Exclusive Interview: Wehbba

Say hello to one of the foremost ambassadors of techno, a man featured on the biggest bills around the world, introducing Wehbba.

If you listen to techno – unless you’ve been living under a rock – you’ve heard of him. If you’re still scratching your head going “I don’t know…” I’m almost positive you were captured by one of his mesmerizing melodies and driving drums. I would even wager that when you hear one his tracks you’ve said “Oh I love this song!” The same group that brought you Layton Giordani is back at it again! TRIBÜ presents Wehbba at ICON Nightclub, the third installment of Wehbba’s debut tour in the USA.

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Sonic Agenda was able to catch up with Wehbba this week to ask some questions:

What did you do before you were a DJ?

I was a dentist for about 5 years until I’ve started to tour more heavily and had to let it go to become a full time DJ and producer. I have been DJing since I went to college, though. 

What three words best describe your sound at the moment?

  1. Soulful
  2. Energetic
  3. Original

What’s the best advice you have received from another artist? Who was it and when?

I remember that Christian Smith, a very good and close friend of mine, once told me “It’s better to start something new than getting stuck on something for a long time”. That is great advice and helps finishing a lot more music without having a ton of unfinished projects laying around.

You have worked with many top artists on remix and collaboration projects. Do you enjoy collaborating, or find it harder to work with someone else?

I enjoy collaborating with like-minded people who are willing to ride the process with me. It’s very important to have a good flow with whoever you’re working with, as a remixer or as a direct collaboration, I really believe in having a strong connection with the artist I’m collaborating with. This also means I almost exclusively work on collabs in person, and not over the web. Recently I’ve been more focused on working solo, and it’s been very rewarding after doing so much collab work over the past years.

Do you prefer hardware or software when you produce? Why?

I prefer to write music with hardware synths and instruments, as I’m a musician before I am a producer. I get inspiration from the instrument I am working with, each instrument is designed with a set of tools and certain characteristics that defines them, and software doesn’t really inspire due to the overwhelming possibilities they provide. Limitation is key to experimentation, in my experience. But I think establishing a balance between hardware and software use is essential and I do use both platforms a lot together.

Are you ever nervous or anxious before a gig? Do you have any pre-gig rituals you do to prepare yourself?

I never feel anxious about the gig itself, no matter how big or small, but I do get extremely impatient whenever I have to wait too long to go in, as I kind of obsess with what the previous DJ is doing and how that will affect my set. So I like to arrive just before I go in, to avoid that anxiety coming from waiting, then I can do my thing without any interference besides the reaction of the crowd, which is the most important.

What 3 tracks we can expect you to play at TRIBÜ on the 18th March? Any ones that you just can’t stop playing out?

I have been playing a lot of new original music that I’ve been working on for the past few months, Adam Beyer has been dropping some of those on his Drumcode Live radio show, such as ‘Fake’, ‘Swathe’ and ‘Glasswerk’,

Do you have a venue wish list? Can you tell us your Top 3 anywhere in the world, where you have yet to play?

Every year I go to Amsterdam for the ADE conference, and I always get stunned when I visit the Gashouder for any of the Awakenings parties, it’s probably my favourite venue in the world and one of the most impressive ones as well. I suppose Fabric in London, Berghain in Berlin and Womb in Tokyo would be high up on my wish list as well.

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If you want to tease yourself with some of his sweet, sweet techno, here’s Wehbba’s AXIS190 mix.