Sonic Agenda Exclusive Interview: Worthy

When it comes down to all the hype, his name says it all. He is Worthy. With an in-depth knowledge of production, mixing, and performance, Worthy has the insight to play for his audience, cultivating intense positive energy on the dance floor. Last weekend Worthy graced Boston with some of his ‘weird’ tunes at Wonder Bar. Sonic Agenda was able to catch up with Worthy and talk in regards to his latest EP ‘A Little Weird’, the ‘One on One‘ tour, The Bay Area, longevity in the industry, and much more.

You have been successful in the music industry for 15+ years, how do you continue to have success in such a rapidly changing industry?

It takes focus, flexibility, and a commitment to your craft to keep on going in this crazy industry. Developing my sound as an artist is my predominant focus, and everything else is secondary to my music, which I think allows me to explore my range and stay relevant. I have been really fortunate to have a great team of people that support me, professionally and personally, and who believe in my music. Without them it would be really hard to keep moving forward in this industry, but they give me the strength to push through the hard times or moments of confusion or self-doubt and encourage me to keep believing in myself and following my dreams. I am so grateful for my team, family, friends, and fans, it is because of them that I have pushed forward and I am really starting to feel like my life is aligning and my music is starting to be a true expression of myself. What a weird, strange trip it’s been…and it’s only getting better.

Recently you released your ‘A Little Weird’ EP via Strangelove Records. Can you tell us how the production for this EP came about? What were you trying to give fans with the EP?

I was given a Roland VT-3 voice transformer as an unexpected present from my wife, Brittany. She is always pushing me to think outside of the box and to let my freak flag fly. Back in 2012, when we were at Burning Man with our friend Caitlin, I went to go play at Bass Couch where Christian Martin was camped. It was bit of a slow night to start and we were way out there. I was in a strange mood and in a place in my life where I was really trying to find myself and escape self doubt. That night I just went for it and got outside of the regular sound I was used to playing and started going on a crazy journey. All of these random, rare tracks kept popping in my mind and I just went for it and seeing my wife and Caitlin stomping around in the dust was a super rad feeling. Then all of these people just started popping in and the party packed out. After the gig, Britt came up to me and was like “damn, we were cutting the weirdo rug. That was some great shit, you should play like that more often.” Of course there is a time and place for those sets, like festivals and stuff. But lately, I have been feeling like I have been wanting to experiment more with my music and just get back to those playa vibes and make some weird beats. Reflecting back on that time, inspired me and I came up with the line about how every night things seem to get weirder and stranger, but I feel like I will be all right. You know being in clubs and festivals on the regular you see so many weird and strange things. Sometimes it’s hilarious, other times unsettling, but you wake up the next morning feeling back to normal. After I came up with the hook, the whole song came together and I created some fun quirky synth sounds and grooving bass line. On the second track I was going back to my roots with Bang Baby, and just wanted to make a booty house style track, which is kind of my signature sound as that has a more modern groove to it. In the end I just wanted to make something that was fun and dance-able for everyone out there to cut the weirdo rug to.

You are currently on the ‘One on One’ tour which stops in Boston, March 10th at Wonder Bar with Lux Groove. How has the tour been so far? How did you choose the artists for each stop on the tour?

The tour has been amazing so far. I have hit so many different cities and each one has been packed with so many amazing fans. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to play with so many different friends along the way. It was an awesome experience to just hit up my friends and see if they wanted to jump on it, and then have the logistics planned by my agent Jon. Of course, it didn’t work out with some of the people I wanted to play with like AC Slater, Claude Von Stroke, and Soul Clap due to scheduling conflicts and what not, but I am really happy with the lineup of artists that came out for it, and I feel like it’s a good representation of who I really admire and whose music I really vibe with.

Speaking of ‘One on One’, can you tell us about the ‘One on One’ interview sessions that you have released on your social media?

I came up with the idea of doing the interviews with each artist, as a way to personally connect with them and find out more about them on a personal and production level. I knew that every artist had a crazy story, and I wanted to get the first hand account of what their journey had been like. I have a lot of personal history with most the artists on the tour, some that I have known for up to 20 years. So it was also fun to take a trip down memory lane with them and you know kick back and hash up old stories and laugh our asses off. So much fun!

What is it like being apart of the Dirtybird family/label? Being an original founder of the Dirtybird parties did you envision this is where the parties would be currently?

Its one of the craziest things when I really spend time and look at how it has all unfolded. I am so proud how far the four original members have come in our individual careers and I think it’s amazing to see how we have each evolved in our sound and the things that we are doing. You will be amazed at the things each of us have planned for the coming year or so. A lot to look out for, for sure. We are all kind of branching out and doing our own things now, and it’s really dope to see how everyone has a fresh feel on what they are creating. I am always inspired.

You grew up in Washington D.C.but currently reside in Oakland, CA. Can you tell us the difference between the electronic scenes?

Its kind of hard to talk about where DC is these days since I have not lived there in over 15 years. But I know there are a ton of new great clubs thriving there and the scene seems to be flourishing. As for Oakland, it is definitely in the shadows of San Francisco. There are a couple of parties over here, but it has not really taken off here. Somebody will get with it and open up a real club over here in the next couple of years I am sure and I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before Oakland is its own dance music mecca. The Bay Area is lit right now.

Let’s talk about your label Anabatic Records. What made you decide to start your own label? You recently celebrated your 10th anniversary with a special compilation album, what does Anabatic Records have in store for the fans in 2017?

I started the label as a place that could put out my own music, so I could have the freedom to explore sounds and evolve as an artist. But then I started to get demo submissions and they were great, so I decided to put them out. It was really an organic process, 10 years down the line, I have had the opportunity to put out a ton of great artists. As for the future we are working on putting out a consistent wave of great music. There are a bunch of new EPs we have lined up that are awesome and we are always looking for new artists out there.

What are the top 5 songs currently in your personal playlist?

Worthy – Move That – This Ain’t Bristol
Justin Martin – Feels (Walker & Royce Remix) – Dirtybird
DJ T – Werk It – Moon Harbour
LYCID – The Message – Anabatic
Belocca -Street Mofo’s – Mainground Music