Lit Lords ‘Crowd Control’ Off Their ‘Hard City’ EP Will Crush Your Mind

If you are a true trap lover, Lit Lords definitely has you covered with the release of their newest and hardest hitting EP, ‘Hard City’. Appropriately named, this EP has 6 original tracks that will murder your ears and baffle your mind. Every track brings a different spin to the Trap foundation Lit Lords are building upon. They call this type of music they have produced ‘Hybrid Trap’. My favorite track on the EP is ‘Crowd Control’. It is an unforgettable, in your face track, which I have listened to on repeat all afternoon.

Crowd Control’ is an original production that throws so many different musical elements at you, it will have your ears screaming and your mind wondering what the heck just happened. The heavy metal-inspired track opens with an original guitar riff done by Lit Lords, which reminds me of a SBCR or Bloody Beetroots opener. The second drop surprises the living sh*t out of you when it completely switches gears and adds a little drum and bass section, unleashing more fire. ‘Crowd Control’ refuses to give you a rest with the shrieking synth, hard core bass, and just completely crushing your mind from start to finish,

It is truly amazing how these guys have come such a long way since 2015. They have really mastered their sound and have created a whole new sub-genre of trap music. If you are looking to get hyped, whether at home or during a workout, you will not want to skip listening to Lit LordsHard City’ EP.