Two Friends Release Debut EP ‘Out Of Love’

Matt and Eli, aka Two Friends, have just released their highly anticipated EP ‘Out of Love’ on SOURCE/Spinnin Records.  The LA based duo had released two singles earlier on the EP that generated a lot of positive buzz. Now, they added a third song to the mix called ‘Mona Lisa Eyes’ to complete their debut.

The first single released, ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ feat. MAX is a feel good song named after the iconic California Highway. Although the song is about getting lost in thought about someone whom has made a lasting impact, it really makes you feel as though you are hitting the road on the perfect sunny day… getting lost in the drive with the radio up. The NYC-based producer and vocalist does an excellent job on vocals, keeping them light and fun despite the meaning of the song.

Out of Love’ feat. Cosmos & Creature is another uplifting, soulful house production that was released two weeks prior to the EP. While it is not the focus the entire track, the saxophone placement adds a nice compliment to the vocals. It adds another level of music to this ballad that really makes the song come to life.

Mona Lisa Eyes’ offers up another upbeat selection. There is a stunning combination of country-feels and house music, which is brought out in the drop that makes you want to get up and dance. The harmonica riffs are soulful and are a great musical addition to the track. This might be my favorite pick on the ‘Out of Love’ EP!

Matt and Eli have been hard at work musically and it not going unnoticed. They have gained the support from other renowned Dance genre producers such as The Chainsmokers and Tiesto. The ‘Out of Love’ EP showcases the versatility of Two Friends and you can tell they are just getting warmed up. Take a listen and pass along the good vibes!