Tchami’s Prophecy Tour Brings Boston To The ‘After Life’

Boston’s Royale Nightclub traded in the big orange sofas for a state of the art, lighted alter that brought the audience front and center of Tchami’s church.  On Friday Feb 17th, the French house producer took over Sofa King Friday’s with his North American Prophecy Tour and knocked the hype out of the park!

Mercer did an outstanding job opening, as he prepared the crowd for the alternate world Tchami creates each time he takes the decks. I had gotten there for the last fifteen minutes of this opening set and the energy was through the roof. Once Mercer ended, there was a quick set change and I don’t think there was a single soul in Royale who was expecting what was to come next.

We were immediately immersed into the distinguished Tchami church-like, spiritual setting as his set opened. He played from a light-changing LED altar that moved with the deep, thumping bass of each track. The background simulated stained glass church windows and mirrored the light show displayed on the altar. You truly felt as though you were at a sermon where all eyes and ears were on Tchami, except he preached through his outstanding musical talent.

Tchami played his essential house remixes with that deeply rooted, abstract bass we all know and love. The entire club was dancing and shuffling their way through the night! He tore through ‘Devils’ by ANGELZ (one of my personal favorites) earlier in the night and the entire lighting production turned red as the devil himself. Tchami relentlessly continued to amaze the crowd throwing down Coolio’s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, Jax Jone’s ‘House Work’, and a gritty remix of ‘Thief’ by Ookay. He even threw in a #Shipfam shout out with Chris Lake’s ‘Operator’ and you could definitely tell who knew this song all too

Tchami closed the night stronger than he started. Dating back to 2007, he closed the show with a lengthened rendition of ‘After Life’ making it hard to accept that his sermon was coming to an end. This is the first time I have seen an entire Tchami set and you tell every aspect was thoughtfully placed by this legendary producer. I, along with the rest of the room, did not want the night to end. Tchami is still on his North American Prophecy tour and this is definitely one you don’t want to miss as he makes his way to a city near0 you!