Get Ready To Be Disruptive With Datsik’s Latest EP ‘Sensei’ Out Now


Warning: Neck braces not included! Datsik is back, giving us a three track sneak peek of his much anticipated ‘Sensei’ EP, which dropped on Firepower Records. Gritty, dirty, neck-breaking, and bass-stomping are a few of the words that come to mind when I first listened to Datsik’s pre-released tracks. Known for his fast build-ups and bad-ass drops, the British Columbia-based producer does not fail to disappoint.

‘Just Saiyan’ hits hard right out of the gate, wasting no time throwing you into Datsik’s alter-ego. The vocals used in the track are as aggressive as the synth-stabs creating a track that fails to let you catch your breath.

‘Sensei’ starts off with strong Asian-inspired string instrumentation, making you realize this is the calm before the storm. The track continues to build and you are thrown into a drop with more hard-hitting bass paired with some nerdy, video game-like vocals.

The third track is my personal favorite and I don’t know why it took so long for such a lethal combination to come together! Joining forces with Virtual Riot, who will also be on tour with Datsik, ‘Nasty’ comes out of the gate with insane wobbling bass and one of the strongest builds I have heard in a while. The drop feels like the destruction of an entire city, leaving it in ruins as you barely get a break before the next attack.

The release of ‘Sensei’ is only the beginning for the dubstep Ninja. Datsik has also announced his 2017 Ninja Nation Tour; The Shogun Edition, which will act as major support for his ‘Sensei’ EP, bringing head-banging and bass-stomping to a city near you. Check out tour dates below and be sure to pick up your copy of ‘Sensei’ now!