Joe Bermudez Launches Series Of Remixes For His Latest Release ‘Shadows’


Boston-local Joe Bermudez, has been hitting the studio hard this year. Releasing a fun, feel-good track with Louise Carver called ‘Sunrise’ this past August, he climbed his way to number 1 on the Billboard charts. Now he is back with a series of mixes for his latest release ‘Shadows’ ft. Amanda Bringham on 617 Records.

‘Shadows’ is definitely a more deeply rooted track for Bermudez. My personal favorite take is the earthy approach done by Stockholm’s own Adam Rickfors, which gives a unique twist to the progressive foundation of the track. The vocals by Amanda Bringham pair hauntingly well with the overall feel of this remix as she does a great job delivering the emotion we can all feel in every  track Bermudez releases. He does a great job appealing to the masses and making the track feel relatable. After the more progressive build, I was pleasantly surprised by the deep, more intimate drop.

“By having a bigger audience from the start, I quickly learned how to keep a lot of people happy with what I play,” says Bermudez. “Even in my underground mixes, there’s an element of pop that attracts people who normally wouldn’t listen to the genre.”

Take a listen to ‘Shadows’ for yourself and check out some of the other remixes done by NDKj & Paul Fear as well as Mike Saint-Jules.