LA-based Button Smashers Arius Come To Wonderbar On August 3rd!


Ah, yes. The running joke of the great EDM bubble = button pushing. Now, for a lot of DJs out there, there are many kinds of musical outlets to flex your muscles. Some DJs are turntablists, some have great crowd control, some play weddings, some can’t get past their bedroom. You probably have seen all different kinds of DJs, and just refer to them as well, DJs.

One of the most intense kinds of producers and live shows I have seen both in person and via Youtube would have to be that of the likes of Araab Muzik and Shawn Wasabi. Maybe you guys have you personal favorite act using a live Midi Controller or an Akai APC (for you less inclined folks at home – those music pads with the pretty lights), but those are my top two. And if you haven’t experienced anything live and in your face like that, this may be a good opportunity for you to read ahead and get some culture.

The Brain Trust, and their unnamed friend, is bringing the LA duo Arius to Wonderbar in Allston, MA on Wednesday August 3rd. By checking out their Soundcloud and Facebook pages, you can hear originals and see some of their awesome live stuff just to show you what their sound and appeal is all about. This is definitely for fans of AC Slater, Jauz, Apashe, and the like.

Over the last couple of years, you could walk into Wonderbar on any given Wednesday to the famous “Wobble Wednesday”, an event that would pay homage to the bass-ier side of electronic and rock music. Recently, there’s been somewhat of a lull, and Boston is sure to be in for a treat getting a fairly priced show ($8 advanced/$10 at the door) without all of the craziness and high-priced drinks at some of Boston’s bigger nightclubs.

Don’t forget to enter the ticket giveaway to win 2 tickets for you and a friend to the show by liking, commenting your friend’s name you would bring, and sharing the post! We’ll choose a winner the day of the show!