Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 07.25.16

Meltdown Mondays

We’re all over the weirdo place today and I’m in love love love with this playlist. Like now we’re in the heat of the summer jams. I hope you guys like it too!

SwuM. – “Finesse”

This is that good good that will make your eyes roll in the back of your head. I swear to God, Buddha, Moses, and all of Jehovah’s Witnesses, this really is one of the fullest tracks I’ve heard in some time. It’ll fill your speakers front to back of all of the necessary musical food groups for growing ear drums. Producers! Get on this man’s level, PULLLLEASE! SwuM. is from Jerusalem


PEGA5U5 Feat. Cellojoe – “Temporary Love”

Two brothers from somewhere nowhere whocareswhere Texas, plus this guy on the cello aka Cellojoe put together this weird basstastic, yet awesome track with a HUGE drum breakdown smack dab in the middle for us all to feast on. So feast we shall. Vibey AF gentlemen, Hats off.


INDICA – “Kryptonite Lean” (Produced by vnsn & vauge001)

This is the first cut from INDICA’s new album of the same name. I gave every track a listen but this one jumped out at me screaming, so it gets the feature this week. Production credits from vnsn (San Diego) and vaugue001 (Chicago), but the whole album is packed with amazing producers, most of whom you’ll know if you fux with this weekly playlist or some of the darker genres out. INDICA is from LA.


Ursula 1000 – “Mizz Honey” (Little Disco Summer ’16 Compilation Edit)

It’s not everyday I stumble on actual good music on a dance party’s soundcloud page, but this is no ordinary dance party, and therefore no ordinary soundcloud. These guys put together a compilation of some of the most AWESOME disco cuts and edits I’ve possibly ever heard since  my Flux Capacitor died, leaving me stranded to die in this God-forsaken year. Ursula 1000 is from Brooklyn. Thank you for all you do.


Shirobon – “Sex”

This is Shirobon from London and he makes beats with my favorite instruments, the video game consoles of yesteryear. But not just beats, like actual awesome pop music. And someone, anybody, please make Jello shots with this and feed them to me. I’m in love with this.


SAKIMA – “Snake Boy City”

More things from London. Drunk, swerving, screaming at that person that wrecked you, this is that kind of song. HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE THIS? UGH. GIMME.


Lewis CanCut Feat. TIGARAH – “Say OK”(UNiiQU3 Remix)

And finally we’re going to round off the chill seven with this remix of Lewis CanCut’s new track “Say OK” feat. Japanese rapper bae TIGARAH. Remix is by NJ’s UNiiQU3 who is the self-proclaimed “Jersey Club Kween” and I can see why. This is an awesome remix to an awesome track, by one of my favorite producer’s making weirdo stuff.