Nicky Romero Takes Over Royale’s Sofa King Fridays


This past Friday, Nick Rotteveel van Gotum (Aka: Nicky Romero) lit up Boston at Royale’s Sofa King Friday’s with a much anticipated set that was both nostalgic and electrifying. Hailing from the Netherlands, Romero has definitely come a long way over the past few years. From starting back in 2007 at his first label Once Records, to now being one of the world’s biggest headlining DJs, Nicky Romero has partnered with outstanding talent, played at festivals across the globe, and has come out with his own productions that have caught the ear of many listeners and producers. The talented Dutch producer showed up at Royale that Friday night with a clear goal in mind… and that goal was to take the entire venue along on his evolutionary ride.

Before it even hit midnight, Royale was already relatively busy with more flowing in as each minute passed. I have seen nights here where the crowd will typically hang towards the back bar until the headliner comes on to play his set, but tonight was different. Bamboora was doing an amazing job prepping the crowd for Romero. Everyone was moving around, dancing, and producing a great vibe for the Dutch producer to emerge into.


As Nicky Romero approached the decks all eyes were on him. The entire venue started whistling, wooing, and yelling his name. His opening was epic! Simple graphics in a wave of purple hues lit up the dark stage. As he started to build up and layer his melodic into, the crowd started screaming; anxiously waiting for that first drop we all know and love from a headliner such as Romero. It is that moment where you forget everything and nothing else in the world seems to matter as Romero fittingly opens with his newest release ‘The Moment (Novell)’.

As the set continues to develop, the near sold-out crowd gets more amped. Romero played all his big boom progressive hits like ‘Iron’, ‘Legacy,I Could Be the One’, and the song that started his mainstream success, ‘Toulouse’. When each of those tracks was played, the venue lit up with through the roof excitement and everyone was singing and dancing along. Mixing in some of his newest releases over the past year as well, his overall set flowed seamlessly. It was definitely one of the top sets I have heard from Romero. As it came to an end, the venue refused to believe it. Continuing to chant, whistle, and sing as they exited, everyone was talking about the night and that even overflowed into the next few days on social media.  Thank you Nicky Romero on behalf of Boston for such an amazing and nostalgic evening at Royale!