Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 06.13.16

Meltdown Mondays

This week’s Meltdown Monday is brought to you by the word cute. These tracks are sure to tickle your insides and make you smile on everyone’s lease favorite day of the week.

Dr. John – “Jet Set” (LAGUNE Edit)

I’ve been playing this song on repeat – for friends, in the car, and it’s definitely going in set lists for upcoming gigs. Anytime someone can put together a remix that accentuates the original, and actually makes it sound better, that’s ideal. LAGUNE is part of Future Society and is from the UK.


Assix – “Hearts”

Just a really cute and upbeat lil tune. Plain and simple. I love the connection between future and nightcore I’ve been getting more and more from producers. It’s a best of both worlds scenario to me. Assix is from the Netherlands.


Foreign Forest – “Dimensional” (w/ Haven)

Time to get wavy ya’ll. This track is beautiful. I can’t think of a better desciprtion. It’s full of emotion and value and zest for life. Would love to see these guys collab more. Foreign Forest and Haven are both currently located in the US.


BZRK! – “Pinnacle”

BZRK! (who’s out of New Jersey) has been on my top watch list for some time now. He makes really great bass and future bass music, both clever and fresh, and not too much swaying in one direction. I’m definitely grabbing him to come out for a show sometime soon. Here’s his new one called “Pinnacle”.


Low Earth Orbit – “Future Memories”

Zoomin’ over to French producer’s new song from the new EP of the same name “Future Memories”, released on Texas-based label SVNSET WAVES. Not to take away from Law Earth Orbit’s time to shine, but I really need to take a minute to applaud SVNSET WAVES for having such a broad roster of releases. I always hear something intriguing with them. Anyway, I love all the lil clicks and pops and noises. It reminds me of falling in love with someone, and being able to love all of their lil sounds and noises they make that you can’t explain to other people. It’s wonderful.


Aritus x Fibre – “Get it Right”

Another release this week from Future Society¬†this week, this is a cut from Aritus’ (Boston) and Fibre’s (Maryland) new EP Virtues. This track bumps! And is definitley my favorite cut off of the whole EP. Don’t forget to catch these guys at my OOZE party, hosted monthly in the front room at Therapy in Providence, RI next Friday on 6.24. Event is after hours and 18+. They’re bringing a stop on their summer tour and it should be awesome! Tickets can be copped here.


NY~ON! – “Plushie”

There is not a damn thing I do not love about this track. There are so many change ups, sounds, drum patterns, little clips and melodies to follow. It’s so entertaining. I’ve never featured NY~ON! before so I really hope to hear a lot more from them.