Jauz And Ghastly Team Up To Bring You ‘Ghosts N Sharks’


LA natives Jauz and Ghastly have teamed up to bring you an epic mash up-inspired (and cleverly named) track called ‘Ghosts N’ Sharks’. The newly released mix encompasses some inspiration from the two along with an old favorite of most EDM listeners. Jauz has had an insane 2015 and clearly isn’t letting down, starting off 2016 by releasing some of his own fire beats and now this newest collab with Ghastly.

‘Ghosts N’ Sharks’ intros with a modern, video game-like twist on an old Deadmau5 favorite and then quickly escalates into a full-bodied blend of punching bass, descending drum hits, and up-beat synth. As the escalation continues, the two LA producers don’t let up as they continue to add more distorted, whirling synth and start to build into the epic drops they are known for. The very well known ‘Feel the Volume’ by Jauz brings you spiraling into the first of two amazingly dirty drops. The beat continues to drive forward as Jauz and Ghastly don’t back down. Samples of the tracks that made these two producers first explode individually are continued to be sampled throughout the remainder of this volatile production. Just as you think you are catching your breath, you are brought back up again, left hanging on a massive post build-up cliff, and then thrown into another hard-hitting, filthy drop. After hearing a song like this, I am really hoping we get to hear more collaboration from this powerful collab duo. Now, let’s just hope dead mow cinco doesn’t troll the two too hard for their intelligent and updated incorporation of an old favorite.