Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 05.02.16

Meltdown Mondays

We’re all over the board today and I LOVE it! Get down with Meltdown Mondays.

Princess Cyberspace – “So Relatable” (Prod. by Stelleo)

If you live in my world, which you may if you live on the internet, then this song is way more than relatable. It’s life. Bumped this in the car just going through shuffle and luckily I was in good company. It went over well. Not to mention it’s produced by new LA-resident Stelleo. What’s not to like?


Airwav & Jbell – “100M”

Released on Daruma this past week, “100M” features some Usher vocals and brought me back to the summer I graduated college and was like, just finally finally getting gigs as a DJ. Very fitting for the summer, slowly coastin’ and approachin’. And I guess we’ll keep our eyes out for this Jbell character, who is also from NY, like collab buddy Airwav.


Chemist RNS – “OG Kush”

I found this kid on Reddit actually one day, hunting for grime tracks for a set. I don’t usually get to feature producers on Meltdown Mondays with a sound like this, and I’m stoked that this track leans more to the chill side, as dark as it is. I’m just really into it; it sounds spooky as all hell. This version is a rip off of a 1XTRA show so hopefully we’ll get a legit version soon.


Tacos After Dark (Taco Emoji) – “Foreal”

One of the hottest hiphop tracks of the summer, how could you not be about this nightcore flip!? Tacos After Dark is a kind of(?) side project from Taco Emoji out of LA. The tracks on this account have a bit of a different vibe and are less poppy than most of his usual stuff. Personally, I tend to prefer the tracks on the late night taco menu, but that’s just me.


Aesthetics Please – “Smile Back”

A great summer track right here! San Antonio’s Aesthetics Please back at it. I haven’t seen much from him in recent months so I’m pretty glad to be able to share a new track. Ugh, I just wanna get the hell up a coast to this right now.


Coyote Kisses – “Vasarely”

These guys have been such a powerhouse out of LA over the last year. Any track that they’ve touched has offered up such a unique sound. The structure, samples, and arrangement are all so different from anyone producing future beats currently. I love it. This looks to be a cut off of their new project “Neon Nature”.


Robin Lohrey – “The Ghost of Yugao”

I’m so glad this kid is from Boston. I love this sound. I LOVE this sound. Great way to close out the chill seven.