Nora En Pure Leaves Royale’s Sofa King Friday’s Completely Captivated

Nora En Pure

Nora En Pure threw an electric and energy-driven opening set at Boston’s Royale Nightclub Sofa King Fridays. Typically on a Friday night, the venue brings in hard-hitting producers and DJs such as 3Lau, Bingo Players, Cedric Gervais, Yellow Claw, and most recently, Carnage. I was a little skeptical at first on how such an indie-dance, deep house driven line up would do in a venue where it’s attendees are so used to booming base, whirling synth, and massive drops. During the first opener, Antonio Giacca, the crowd was relatively laid back. More chatting and drinking than focusing on the set, but that vibe was soon to be disrupted. Next, Daniela Niederer, also known as Nora En Pure, took over and I was instantly drawn into a melodic world of vivacious rhythm. The venue felt the same way as club goers made their way up towards the stage to create a sea of good vibes and dancers as Nora En Pure opened with ‘I Got To Do’.

Nora En Pure has been gaining a lot more awareness over the past year with her releases of ‘Morning Dew’, ‘Saltwater’, ‘Better Off That Way’, and her latest ‘I Got To Do’. As the set went on, the South African/ Swiss producer only hyped up Royale even more. She did a great job with one my personal favorites from her list of new releases ‘U Got My Body’. The deep, sexy, drop featured in that track just took everyone along with it, including me. I am also a huge fan of the full-bodied, uplifting beats produced by Klingande, so when Nora En Pure threw in her Remix of ‘Jubel’, I was more than satisfied. The two styles mesh well together and it was a fun addition to her set that night. Also, the sprinkling of mainstream remixes were just enough to keep music lovers of all types engaged and dancing throughout the whole set. Everyone at the venue was under Daniela’s melodic spell and kept wanting more!

Nora En Pure left the perfect set-up for pop and house remix master, Maurizio Colella, otherwise known as EDX.  The Swiss producer started with a bang with a remix of Everything but the Girl’s ‘Miss You’, followed by Robin Schultz’sSugar Sugar’, and Martin Sloveig’s ‘Just Dance’. A FIRE start-up! Royale really took off during the start of this set, especially when Nora En Pure and EDX started mixing together. Everyone was jumping up and down and you could feel the energy go through the roof! Everyone was singing along, dancing, and just having a genuine good time as they let the music take them for a journey. By this time, Royale Nightclub was packed and the producers were really feeding off the energy that radiated from the crowd. Most DJs these days know how important social media is to their careers, so the two DJs took the opportunity during this high point of the night to become more interactive. As they took to the front of the stage, fans swarmed and were more than enthused to have the chance to be in their Selfie.

Overall, the night was a hit to say the least! No one could resist but to move and sing along the entire night to whatever track they knew. The night was definitely one to remember and all artists did a great job displaying their talents and own personal styles while keeping the packed house completely satisfied. No one wanted the night to end and on behalf of Boston, thank you for taking us on such a fantastic musical journey that night!