Memes & Music: Getter Treats Fans With Dubstep Banger ‘Suh Dude’


What constitutes a meme? Since sharing space on Facebook with hundreds of other “memers” over the past year, my veteran understanding of this internet cultural product has only matured. In the context of the internet, a meme is the embodiment of satire, irony, and relatable and offensive humor. Memes will never end as long as the internet exists: they renew themselves every week with a trendy and updated inside joke while expending the ones considered to be old or so last week.

This brings me to Firepower Records producer, Tanner Petulla (stage name Getter), who is no stranger to the electronic music scene. The talented 22-year old dubstep/ drum and bass artist has transformed himself into a living meme since receiving viral attention on Vine for his “Suh Dude” clips. It is striking to know, however, that the “Suh Dude” meme is not new; it is nearly a year old. It was not until November that Viner G. Avocado packaged the clips together and uploaded the video onto Facebook. Petulla followed and the mashup video amassed 8 million views and 80,000 shares over the next couple months.

A remix sampling the popular expression was inevitable. Getter’sSuh Dude” is everything one would expect from a traditional Getter track. If you are familiar with Getter’s previous work, “Suh Dude” will not disappoint. The track has an energetic groove accompanied by pounding bass frequencies and shuffling wobbly synths. The explosive and aggressive tribal percussion that builds and intensifies before the drop will make you forget this track was a joke. To my surprise, the “Suh Dude” sample that cuts in and out of the song does not overbear the track and detract from the song’s sonically rewarding experience. Even though the song fashions itself as a joke, “Suh Dude” takes itself seriously as an enjoyable dubstep/ dance banger that will sure satisfy the ears of EDM fanatics and those in tune with the internet. This special gift from Getter should not go left unwrapped. Check it out!