Sonic Agenda Exclusive Interview: Crichy Crich

Crichy Crich

With a heavy dose of Houston hip hop, hardcore trap beats, and raw lyrics Crichy Crich plans to make 2016 one for the books! On the heels of his ‘Dunnit‘ collaboration with Styles & Complete & Carter Cruise as well as ‘Freak‘ with Riot Ten, now Crichy Crich prepares for the release of Withdrawals, his 1st solo EP. Recently Sonic Agenda got to speak with Crichy Crich about the whirlwind that was 2015, the Withdrawals EP, his relationship with Borgore & Riff Raff, and much more.

2015 was a massive year for Crichy Crich. You were a staple in the trap/bass scene with constant releases and features such as ‘Dunnit’ & ‘Starstruck’ to name a few. What are some of your favorite moments from 2015? You seem to be consistently on the grind, when was your last consecutive days off, lol?

2015 was the best year yet. Even on days off, I’m planning for the future every single day. This was the first year national touring as “Crichy Crich“ and 2016 is going to be insane!

Crichy Crich

Hailing from Houston, TX home to southern hip hop legends DJ Screw and Lil Flip, how influential were they early on in your rap career? We read that Lil Flip reached out after a show once and that began a turning point in your career?

Houston hip hop is what I grew up on, DJ Screw and Lil Flip were HUGE influences on me getting into the music scene. Flip was actually my favorite rapper in high school, and I ended up touring with him for years and even living with him for a period of time.. crazy how life works out!

You are signed to Borgore’s Buygore Records label. Can you tell us how that all came about and what your relationship with Borgore is like?

I have many signed releases on Buygore Records. My first release on Buygore was “Two Seat” with TINCUP that is sitting at nearly 2 million plays. Since then I’ve had a good relationship with Steven Pahel the label manager. Right when Asaf, aka Borgore, and I met he became like a brother to me. On off days we’ll party at his mansion in the Hills and maybe play a little FIFA.

‘Withdrawals’ your first solo EP is set to release March 2016. Can you give us an inside look at this EP? What was your motivation for ‘Withdrawals’? Any features? What is your favorite track on the EP?

Yessir. I have 3 complete projects coming very soon. I have been recording damn near everyday the past couple months and have the best music i’ve ever made coming soon. On this EP, it’s basically all hip hop records with a little EDM influence. I think it’s time to put out solo tracks to show everyone that’s became a fan over the past year how I sound on a hip hop record with full song. Off of the new EP my favorite song would have to be either “Soda”, “Lil Debbie” or “Profit“… you will have to decide for yourself when you hear it.

Back in September you played in Boston at Prime with Neffy & Greg Gatsby for Atomic. How was your Boston experience? Heard you all linked up at the studio prior to Prime to record an exclusive for that night. Can you tell us about this experience?

Yes. I fucking love Boston! that city was amazing in so many ways. Greg, Neffy, and I were in the studio working on a new track before the show. Should be releasing very soon.

Crichy Crich

You have done multiple shows, a Texas tour, and collaborated on ‘Gucci Jacuzzi’ & ‘Foreign Twiinz’ with Riff Raff. How did you and Mr. Aquaberry braids link up? What’s it like when you too are in the studio together?

I’ve done about 10-15 shows with Riff Raff and multiple songs as well. We are both Texas dudes so we ran into each other early on and I’ve seen him at many stages in his life. He’s a really cool dude.

You are a man with a love for tattoo’s, outside of your ‘Tara Ried’ tattoo, what is your most asked about tattoo? Which one has the most meaning?

Yes, I love tattoos. My other most asked about tattoo is my friends Twitter handle on my shoulder lol .. My most meaningful one would have to be the dates on both of my hands marking one of my best friends birth and death dates. RIP Ben!

Crichy Crich

What’s one thing that most fans wouldn’t know about Crichy Crich?

When I’m not on stage or out partying, I’m actually a very calm person. When people see me out and i’m not drinking, they always ask if I’m alright or if something is wrong. I think people just expect me to wakeup and instantly rage everyday of my life, but I’m not that much of a machine, lol!