Sonic Agenda Presents: Trancesend Thursdays 12.03.15

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Welcome back all to another round of Trancesend Thursdays. This week’s playlist covers a variety of trance genres. The releases this week give the vibe that producers are tired of the fall and miss the big summer parties. You can tell the desire to go off on a festival stage is still strong. Speaking of festivals, this past week’s Dreamstate all trance festival by Insomniac was a huge hit, and looks to show that trance music is still very alive and well.

This week in Boston, Boom Jinx will be making a stop on his album promotion tour at Icon, another lock for Boston’s scene and a show I would definitely recommend seeing. Today’s tracks feature a few of my favorites for a bit of a taste on what you can expect! Tickets can be found here if you’re looking to get out!