Energize Your Day Dancing At DAYBREAKER Boston


A new social movement is sweeping the world with eleven cities already joining its ranks. Originating in New York City, DAYBREAKER is a new way for people to invigorate their day, make new friends, get their morning work-out and of course dance their faces off.

DAYBREAKER is a unique sober party that begins with an hour long Vinyasa yoga session, is followed by a two-hour dance party with the most up and coming local DJs and performers, and ends with a special ceremony that is designed to inspire a healthy attitude for the rest of the day. Instead of blurring your mind with alcohol in the morning, they serve coffee healthy beverages and breakfast treats to revitalize and energize.

DAYBREAKER has been so successful and popular that some of the biggest and most respected media outlets have featured stories about the world’s most “wholesome” rave. I first took notice when CNN ran a story about DAYBREAKER on CNN’s “60 Minutes” and thought how wonderful an idea it was; since then DAYBREAKERS has been featured on Elite Daily, MTV, Huffington Post, CBS, Washington Post, The Guardian, LA Times, NY Times, Business Insider, PBS, Mashable, Glamour, Vogue, and most recently had a centerfold spread in GQ magazine.

Boston has become the latest DAYBREAKER destination and the launch event on October 29th at NAGA in Cambridge was sold out and nothing short of a spectacular! The DAYBREAKERS warmed up with Izzy VanHall waved their hands to B3RAO’s deep groove and stomped their feet to RIPE’s horns.

The next Boston DAYBREAKER event will be at the WeWork office near South Station at 6:00 am Wednesday morning, December 2nd. Again we will be blessed with a warm-up yoga session with Izzy VanHall, followed by two hours of dancing featuring local DJ: D-Lux. As always, refreshments will be provided.

Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a tutu or a three piece suit as long as you’re up to get down!

RSVP: http://boston.daybreaker.com/tix