TWISM & B3RAO Fade to Grey


The early 80’s was the herald of a whole new approach to music. On one side of the spectrum was the beginnings of hip-hop and rap. On the other side of the spectrum was the counter-culture, hair-metal and without being too specific; house and techno. Any part of the spectrum you found yourself, electronic sounds were pivotal to the music. Drum machines synths and the ability to distort and warp sound changed how musicians played.

Visage, a synthpop band from London, England and a child of this new electronic movement. They quickly joined the budding new romantic fashion movement with the likes of David Bowie and Duran Duran. They’re most well known for their 1980’s hit: “Fade to Grey” and I won’t lie, the song is pretty damn catchy, but the music video is super surreal. I forget how bizarre and wonderful the 80’s actually was. We watched some great progression in electronic music, and huge strides in the freedom of expression… but the fashion was, in a word… eccentric.

Fast forward 35 years: the EDM balloon is bursting to pop and people everywhere have embraced the electronic sound. Out of the cacophony of sound that is electronic dance music comes a power duo that brings new life to old classics: Disco Legends, Soulful Legends and Deep N Dirty Legends label bosses TWSIM & B3RAO have taken the scene by storm.

Now the duo works its magic on Visage‘s “Fade to Grey” remixing this 80’s fashion hit and revitalizing it. The duo added their signature techy and bouncy groove to the once airy track while remaining true to Visage‘s original expression of melancholy grief and longing.

Enjoy Visage‘s “Fade to Grey – 2015 Tribute Remix” by TWISM & B3RAO