Sonic Agenda Exclusive Interview: Bingo Players


In June 2013, at the height of Bingo Players success, Paul suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. Everyone was shocked. Despite the prognosis, Paul remained optimistic. In October, Paul took a turn for the worse and he passed away in December 2013. There was an outpouring of support from the EDM community.

After all, they have a library of finished tracks and ideas they worked on together that have yet to be released and Maarten can continue his and Paul’s dream of making the music that they heard on the radio as kids. The scene might have gotten bigger, and the production might be made on something more sophisticated than ProTracker, but, says Maarten, “The vibe is still the same. People want to have a good time, come together, and experience the music.” And Bingo Players live on.

SA: Coming up shortly it will be your first time playing at the US mega festival Tomorrow World. Can you elaborate on what you’ll be doing to prepare yourself and your set for this performance?

BP: I don’t like to over-prepare, as I think it takes away from the live performance. I just like to get a great selection of tracks ready to work with, and I know that MC Iceman will work his magic on the crowd too.

How has it been so far with the use of an MC during your performances? Could you explain to those who are unaware on what made you go with the decision to use one?

When Paul and I performed together, he was the one that entertained the crowd and I was the one that was behind the decks focusing on mixing. I was always a bit more reserved, so it worked really well that he was the more extroverted one working the crowd. When I started to play alone, I noticed that there was something missing from the show, so I decided to bring in an MC to bring in interaction with the crowd. Iceman has been my friend for a while and we have good chemistry. It’s working really well for me and I am happy with the shows we’ve done together.

At Electric Daisy Carnival 2015 you debuted your brand new single ‘Curiosity’. What type of reaction were you expecting to have and what was the inspiration behind this records creation?

I wanted to bring back some of the early sounds of Bingo Players, re-visiting tracks like ‘Chop’ & ‘Devotion’ but with a modern twist. The crowd’s reaction was really great and it was such a cool feeling being able to share it with such a huge crowd!

Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2015

It’s undeniable that one of your biggest strengths is being able to perform at the largest festivals throughout the world regardless of the set time, along with some of the most intimate, small-room clubs. What goes into determining your tracklists and how do you plan for an upcoming performance?

With time, you learn how to work with whatever time slot or venue. You become able to judge the crowd or space and play to suit your surroundings. I really enjoy playing both small and large gigs, both have their distinct advantages!

Bingo Beach (During MMW) Was a huge success. How special was this event to you and were you expecting the hysteria fam to come out as strong as they did? Are there plans for future Bingo Beaches?

It was a blast! I have a lot of faith in the Hysteria fam, but this was beyond my expectations. It was a completely full event and the crowd was super energetic. We’ve done a few Hysteria parties and Bingo Beach events now and I plan to have many more of them all over the globe.

Photo Credit: Samuel HTC Photography

What are your future plans for Hysteria Records moving forward? Are there any new talents on the label that you would like to mention?

Yes, we have a new single from Dutch newcomer Hartebees called ‘Sunrise Funk’ and it’s making its way into my sets at the moment. We also have a new track coming out from D.O.D and UK newcomer Duckworthsound. Keep an eye out for it coming very soon! :D.

You’ve mentioned quite a bit in past interviews how you are working with various singers & songwriters in the studio, and have a strong stockpile of Bingo Players content ready to go, but you’re not quite sure whether to release it as singles, EP’s etc. Has the current market of EDM affected any of these decisions, or are you looking to take your music elsewhere and reach other music markets?

I am just taking my time, because I don’t like to rush. I have a lot of songs that are almost finished, but I am still deciding what to do with them. At the moment I am not collaborating with other artists, I am just working on my own material and experimenting with a range of genres.