Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 6.29.15

Ayyyyy, welcome to Meltdown Monday all! For all my tropical house heads, this is your post for sure. I have some really cool cuts that you guys will be especially into.

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1. Neutr4l Numb3r – “Onette”

Without a doubt, this track takes the cake for me this week. It’s been on repeat since I found it and I can’t get enough. The perfect blend of melodic and upbeat sounds, but with huge emotional builds and a cohesive flow throughout. This will be a big hit with anyone who was really drawn to electronic music from video games. NN is from Omaha, Nebraska.


2. DJ Kue – “Make Things Right”

Another Sonic Agenda member showed me this track and it’s become another highly playable one this week. DJ Kue has always been a name DJs pick up on, especially early on. If you DJ (or maybe went through a phase) to a top 40, college crowd, you probably have one of his remixes on your computer now. But this…this is a quality original, and nothing like anything I have heard from his previous remixes. If this is the direction DJ Kue wants to head off into, I am very for this. DJ Kue is from the Bay Area out in Cali.


3. Betablock3r – “In My Head (Televisor Remix)

Televisor’s (YEW KAY/Amsterdam) take on nu disco and new wave is always so awesome to hear. Both originals and remixes alike are always a treat to listen to and I can’t really find something that they’ve put out that I can get down with. This cool remix to “In My Head” is just one more to add to the list, combining their ’80’s style with the Phil Collin’s-esque vocals of Betablock3r’s Chris Boulos to make one solid finished product.


4. Corona – “Rhythm of the Night (CUBOID Remix)”

Nothing beats original ’90’s dance jams, and I don’t care who you are but when any of these classics with the word “rhythm” come on, you dance. This is an awesome chillstep spin brought to you by Austin, TX’s CUBOID. Love the vocals sped up; it fits so well.


5. Kan Takahiko – “NRG”

OK then, now we’re effing grooving. The movement in Japan is so strong right now and I LOVE hearing what artists can do. Whatever is in the water over there is allowing producers to make these MEGAFRESH tracks. Just listen to this. It’s so different.


6. Lindsay Lowend – “June 17th”

Lindsay Lowend (Washington DC) has had quite the year, with his SoundCloud followers taking a huge jump from the last time I was on his page. This track popped up for me and I automatically gave it a listen, huge fan of his sound. This is just beautiful and extremely emotional. Put this on and let it play out.


7. Miami Horror – “Love Like Mine (Bee’s Knees Remix)”

With the growing popularity of tropical house and bass music, I’ve noticed an influx of terrible remixes with random flutes and steel drums. Bee’s Knees (LA) gives us a perfect example of what a tropical remix can sound like, without it being forced. This is awesome.