Sonic Agenda Exclusive Interview: Acejax


Acejax is a young 18 year old producer who just finished up his  international tour as direct support for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Catching  the attention of Otto Knows, Marc Noir, DVBBS, Daddy’s Groove, this young maverick has shown no signs of slowing down. Sonic Agenda had the chance to catch up with him post tour, and went over many extensive topics. Check out this exclusive interview and learn the inner makings of this maestro!

When did you start producing and what had inspired you to take it on as a full-time job?

I actually started producing a year and a couple of months ago, after deciding that I wanted to be able to create music that I like, the way I like it. I never thought that this could become a full- time thing until I started to get a positive reaction from people and it just grew from there I guess.

You have done some traveling throughout your teen years, where are you currently?

Well, ever since I was a little kid I’ve been constantly on the move due to my dad’s job, and thanks to it, I’ve been able to experience not only the two America’s, but also most of Europe. As of right now, I’m currently in Santiago Chile, but soon I’ll be moving back to Athens, Greece for university.

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How has your upbringing influenced your style of producing and outlook on music?

Well, the fact that I’ve been able to travel quite a bit during my teen years has granted me a huge door which enabled me to experience a wealth of culture and history that influenced my music in a positive manner. I’ve been able to take a little bit of everything in order to create something unique, while touching on the old, in order to keep my audience safe with the sound they’re familiar with, but also at the same time on a new adventure when they hear new twists and different sounds.

Let’s talk about your production methods. What DAW are you currently using? Do you have a favorite plug-in?  

The daw I’m currently using is FL studio, better known as Fruity Loops, but I’m using it in conjunction with Ableton, until I get a hang of Ableton. In the past I’ve also tried my hand at Logic Pro X and Cubase, but I prefer the simplicity of Fl studio, and the great workflow of Ableton. Well, I have a couple of plug-ins that I adore, but I think the one I prefer the most is Synlth since its versatile, and if used correctly, gives you the capacity to create almost anything.

Can you elaborate on your production process, specifically focusing on your melodies. They have a very similar sound as to what Paris Blohm, and Zedd use in their productions. How do you go about creating your melodies and could you elaborate for our readers that may be producers.

I don’t really have a specific ” set list” or ” protocol procedure when it comes to making my melodies. Half the times I start with the chords, and the other half of the time with the principal notes, it really depends. Now on how I go about, it depends on how i get influenced. If i’m influenced outside of my house, I then just record a voice note on my phone until I get home. Since in my case at least, my best melodies/compositions are made spontaneously .

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If there was anything you could say to up-and-coming producers regarding production; whether it may be an area most commonly over look, or hyper focus on, what would it be?

For up and coming producers, honestly, apart from practicing and soaking everything that online tutorials have to offer you, I would really recommend remaking songs, cause you really go in depth on how the professionals go about in making their tracks. I found that to be an invaluable experience. Apart from that, focus on trying to develop your own sound. Its been repeated I know but everyone, but once you have that sound, you can go creative from there but always be original.

Which one of your previous releases do you consider to be the one that ‘Put you on the map’ so to speak? Mind elaborating on how the record came about?

 Well, my first release, ‘Camino’ definitely told the world I could produce. As for “ on the map” I guess it was my two bootlegs of Zhu – ‘Faded’ and ‘Parachute’ by Otto Knows that spoke to the people.


You just wrapped up your South American Tour alongside Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, what was that experience like?

 It was an experience like no other. The mere fact that I was able to share the stage with the #2 DJs in the world was truly a blessing. From rushing to catching the many flights, to trying to catch a few hours of sleep on the plane, to last minute edits in the hotel room and backstage, the whole tour was life changing. Apart from learning valuable tips and tricks to survive in this industry, the most important thing that happened was the fact that I had so much fun. To playing in front of thousands, to chilling with fans, going on tour was something great.

What are your plans for the coming months in 2015?

I have some interesting plans coming in the next few months. Apart from cool shows i’m waiting to announce, I’ve got some new music coming out. Both originals, and some cool collabs.

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Any new music we should keep an eye out for?

Stay tune this week for a special release of mine!