Sonic Agenda Exclusive Interview: Wax Motif

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29 year old Sydney native Wax Motif first made waves in the United States with the release of ‘Go Deep‘ with Neoteric, which became a smash hit around the world. currently touring with DVBBS. Wax Motif has released tracks with Mixmash, Strictly Rhythm, Dim Mak, Fools Gold, Southern Fried, and Mad Decent, where he first came to the spotlight after winning a remix contest in 2009. Currently, he (along with artists such as Tchami and Dr. Fresch) is at the forefront of the  ‘G House” sub-genre of deep house that is fast sweeping dance floors across the country.

We got the chance to do an exclusive interview with him and it was a fun one! Check out Wax Motif and DVBBS this Friday night at Royale Boston.

Sonic Agenda: How did you end up touring with DVBBS, currently one of the biggest names in big room/commercial electro? Your sounds aren’t exactly similar!

Wax Motif: We share the same agents and I guess when it came time to choose they picked me. When I met them at the first show they said they were fans and I guess essentially it’s about them programming their night so they’re trying to pick someone who can set the mood up right before their show and not take away from it either. I think it’s been working pretty well so far!

Which has been your favorite stop on the current US tour been thus far? Which one are you most looking forward to?

Webster Hall in New York, it was insane! That was the one I was looking most forward to because of the venue and its the first time I played in New York but I’m honestly pretty excited to check out all these new cities.

Coming to the U.S., what were some of the adjustments that you needed to make as a producer? Were there any struggles along the way?

I guess the professionalism of it all steps up a few notches. From studio sessions to the business side, its all a bit more serious; especially here in LA. Yeah there has been plenty of struggles along the way but I’ll save them for my biography.

Since the the day you won the Mad Decent remix competition back in 2009, how has your music evolved to the present? Clearly a lot of your recent work has is influenced heavily by hip-hop, most notiably your recent remix of YG‘s hit single “My N*gga” with Destructo released on XXL this week. Is this a sign of what to expect from you in the future?

I really just like all types of music and I’m fascinated by the production of it so sound wise its taken me on a bunch of different paths. The move to the US definitely reignited that hip hop flame I felt I’d probably lost a bit. Yeah definitely expect more of that G house sound but I’ll still be continuing to do things that inspire me too.

What was it like working with Gary Richards [Destructo]? We just hosted him at his show at Prime Boston in January and he was one of the coolest people we’ve met! He even DJ’ed our friend’s living room afterparty last year… until the cops came.

Gary is awesome like that! He’s a really loyal stand up guy and he gives back what his fans put in. Its awesome working with him and we’ve been doing a lot of stuff together which I’m excited for people to hear.

What are your thoughts on the rise of the Melbourne Bounce sound that has taken the EDM scene by storm?

I think like any genre there are good tracks and bad tracks. It doesn’t really affect what I do so it doesn’t bother me. I definitely rep some TJR in my sets!

Can you tell us something exclusively? Something that no one has heard from you publicly yet?

Ummm ok, well at the moment I’m working on a remix for Galantis and later Gary is coming to the studio.

If you could pick one song to play in an infinite loop, what would it be?

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro

Check out Wax Motif’s unique G-House spin on Tinashe‘s  2 On below!

Interview completed by DJ Tao & Jameson courtesy of Wax Motif & Flavor Media.

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