Disclosure’s New Music Video Premiere Causes Controversy

Disclosure, the UK deep house/garage duo that has been taking the scene by storm, has released a VEVO music video for their new single “Help Me Lose My Mind”. The video is labeled [PARENTAL ADVISORY], even though we see no explicit content. After watching the video though, it’s pretty clear that the protagonists of the story are high… on something.


As you probably know, the EDM scene has been under fire recently for deaths resulting from drug use at Electric Zoo Festival and a Zedd show in Boston. The dance music community is fervently trying to refute the claims that all EDM shows are nothing but drug-fueled orgies (a stereotype still in play from the 90’s). The community actively encourages sobriety and/or test kits for substances.

It seems that Disclosure’s video is contributing to that negative stereotype, showing disoriented kids with dilated pupils, grabbing lazer beams and touching their faces. What do you think? Check out the video below.

Since the publishing of this article, PMR Records has released a statement, and the video removed by it’s user [Disclosure]. 

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