Local Spotlight: B3RAO


B3RAO (Nate Almeida) is known to lead a horde of music enthusiasts cross-state to join a growing fan base in Boston. Many were out in force showing support last month as B3RAO brought filthy electro to Church Boston–an up and coming sanctuary for music. Mikey Maags sparked the night with a steamy warm up set, spanning from minimal techno to funk house that had everyone dancing. B3RAO came out throwing haymakers with his own haunting edit of BT’s “Skylarking (Maor Levi remix)” and Eric Prydz’ ”Personal Jesus”—a fitting opener.

Serving up a potent home brew of mash-ups and edits, B3RAO’s set combined elements from gold-mined electro bangers, funk throwbacks and even hard hitting rock anthems. For the hour and a half that followed, B3RAO carpet bombed the crowd with the kind of crushing complex electro that transforms a small venue like Church into the battle arena from Tron.

The high point of the evening was best captured by the look on B3RAO’s face when “Monsoon,” his upcoming release on Nightlife Records, dropped for the first time to a live and highly receptive audience. Frankly, most parents cheer for their kids’ first home run with less pride and joy.

Though a relative newcomer to the Boston club circuit, B3RAO recently joined Flavor Media and has already been seen bouncing crowds around the room at Prime and Estate with his minimal, tech and funk house sets. This Thursday night however, was all about unbridled, face-melting electro.

The evening was emblematic of a trend in the local dance scene, offering a sneaker-friendly and economical alternative to expensive club nights. With the opening of Arc nightclub just down the road and more at Church from Beandream Productions, including sets from Archnemesis, Andski and Randy Boyer, true music fans have found a new niche in Boston. Following in the footsteps of weekly music nights like Elements and Re:Set in Cambridge, fans can now enjoy top notch musical talent east of the Charles without a dress code or expensive entry fee.

There’s a certain bond forged in a close-knit crowd, where the distance between DJ and audience shrinks and everyone in the room is there for the music—this effect was felt in force. When the dust cleared, B3RAO had taken us all to Church and the house gods smiled.

Keep an eye out for big things from B3RAO.


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