Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 04.17.17

Summer beats for days here on Meltdown Mondays, enjoy the wave!

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D J  A E S T H E T I C – “Desire”

Here’s another track from newly-founded LoFi label Elemental 97 and NYC’s DJ Aesthetic and it’s super suave and groovy. The reason I love LoFi so much is really the place it brings me back to. Unlike Future Funk and Vaporwave that bring us to different times and places, the nostalgia trip that LoFi brings us on is one of underground club culture and subway rides. And that in it of itself is fun as hell. DJ Aesthetic’s whole EP “Heaven.exe” can be downloaded on Bandcamp here.


WHITE KATANA – “Sorcerer”

Most of the big witch house and wave producers are overseas but White Katana holds it down in Cali. This new one called “Sorcerer” has this eerie xylophone in it, making for a really nice melody and sound. I’d love to get this guy out here sometime.


Boombox Cartel Feat. Shoffy– “Alamo” (Chalklines Remix)

This remix from the Milwaukee duo Chalklines is a little bit on the heavy side for Meltdown Mondays but I had to put it in here. I’ve listened to this track so many times over the last few days; it’s addicting.


SPOZE X Kareful – “DayByDay”

This song here is a couple months old but popped up on my feed this week and I’m so about it. That grime and UK dub vibe is really, really taking off in the US right now, and has been for the last few years, but in the last year, it’s crossing over to mainstream here. Anytime I can feature stuff like this, I love to, because a lot of the people invovled (with men and women being peers, one of the few genres you’ll see it unfortunately) work so hard and are genuinely passionate.


David Marston & Life On Planets – “Take Your Time”

Here’s another track that I had on heavy rotation this week. Just plain old good summer music. Warm weather beats if you will.


Screen II – “Hey Mr. DJ” (Wax Worx Re-Cut)

This track is a classic staple in any oldskool house set, but I love how this edit provides some disco-y goodness in the mix as well. Wax Worx is from the UK.


Darci – “Come Around”

Closing up shop today on Meltdown Mondays is this wavey lean-infused hip-hop track from Darci. Again, a perfect jam to cruise around now that the weather is wavey as well.

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