Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 04.10.17

Hey guys! A lotta LoFi and a lotta fun beats to roll the windows down too. I also have a couple of my favorite remixes on here from the Virtual Riot pack to “In My Head” that came out too. One I listened to over 100 times, hope you like it too!


The wave of LoFi house that has been coming in as of late has me super pumped. It’s great tuneage for the coming summer months, especially for late night drives. I wish I had more info on this entity known as SCORPIO JONES but everything redirects back to newly-created Elemental 97 label, which is a sister label to popular vaporwave label Elemental 95. Both are great places to find new tracks and are brought to you by founder Baconwaveラジオ.


WASTED NIGHTS – “Back To Love”

Wasted Nights (Italy) has been silent for the last couple of years sadly, but luckily this past week, he came back with some unreleased stuff and promises of new tracks on the way! Even though this was produced almost 3 years ago, it’s still better then most of the new stuff people are dropping, but hey, that’s why people missed this guy!


IBI. – “Arrival”

Many, many noises coming at your ear holes right now. This tasty little sour gummy nugget was released via Jadū Dala.


Danni Darries & MIYLLO – “Ambush”

Future house definitely got a little too big, too quickly for itself over the last couple of years, like anything I guess really in the SoundCloud age. This track though by these two newcomers is pretty cool though. It follows your regular house pattern but the samples and sounds used are different and fun. Hope these guys can keep up the good work.


Cardopusher – “Nothing Left to Believe In”

Call it Acid House, call it LoFi, call it Nu Wave, call it whenever you want, THIS TRACK IS FUEGO. I see Cardopusher (Spain) has a Dublin date with Boys Noize coming up this summer. I wish I was lucky enough to catch them both together for an American date, but for now, I’ll just sit and sulk.


Virtual Riot Feat. PRXZM – “In My Head”  (rabidZen Remix)

I’m going to close out this week’s Meltdown Monday by doing something a little bit different and sharing two of my favorite tracks from one of the best remix packs I’ve ever seen released, no exaggeration. Typically when a single is released, you maybe find one initial remix that you like, but for the most part, the others never seem to suit my mood. This was by far my favorite one that came out of the bunch, and it’s from a new German producer that goes by rabidZen.


Virtual Riot Feat. PRXZM – “In My Head”  (Who Came After Remix)

The other remix, is this one from Spain producer Who Came After. And what’s cool about this remix, is how different it is from the one by rabidZen. In fact, almost all of the remixes in the pack were equally different from the one before. I wish more artists could think for themselves when working on a remix or an original. It was just amazing to see what creativity can stem from the same track.

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