Dabin Unveils ‘You & I’ Ft. Jenna Pemkowski Out Now Via Kannibalen Records

Hailing from Toronto, 24-year-old producer, Dabin, unveils the latest creation from his forthcoming Two Hearts LP. ‘You & I‘ Ft. Jenna Pemkowski is out now via Kannibalen Records. Featuring the soul-soothing vocals of Jenna Pemkowski, ‘You & I‘ is an out of this world cut, which emanates a cinematic tone throughout its four-minute duration.

Padding Jenna’s gentle top line with a selection of modest percussion, the listener is gently eased into the mix. Leading into the second half of the song, Dabin fuses punchy synths and vocoders, taking the listener on a complex and euphoric musical journey. Displaying his talents as a classically trained musician, Dabin momentarily strips back the electronic elements for a sensual electric guitar riff, before taking it back up to a space-like dimension with a flurry of ethereal synths.

Building up a solid name over the past five years, Dabin has demonstrated his effortless ability to create a wide range of musical styles. Flirting with genre boundaries, he continues to put out dynamic and masterful creations, in which he has amassed more than 30 million streams online over the last three years. Blowing crowds away with his signature live sets, Dabin incorporates electric guitar, live drums, controllers and keyboards into one sensational live show. With his highly anticipated Two Hearts LP set for release in March, and taking part in Black Tiger Sex Machine’s mammoth 30-date Tour, Dabin is well and truly taking 2017 by storm.

Nino Caroselli

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