Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 02.13.17

Much like all of your friends, many of the producers featured in this week’s Meltdown Mondays live in Colorado. Whether they’re from there, moved there after a Bassnectar show at Red Rocks, or just like weed, the world may never know, but hey, the tunes are great and that’s why we’re here!

J Dilla – “Here We Go” (Statik Link Remix) [Cuts By DJ Esquire]

In honor of J Dilla’s birthday last week (and we can’t forget about Nujabes), the Statik Link boys released this awesome flip of J Dilla’s “Here We Go”, with a little help of NYC’s DJ Esquire. Over the years, I’ve seen this duo create originals and remixes from everything from trap to hip-hop to future funk. You can always count on something dope and original when they release something. Their link re-directs to a new SoundCloud account featuring just remixes if you’re looking to update your following game.


brothel. – “Footsteps”

As far as US witch house and dark wave producers go, Brothel is one of the most popular. With most of the bigger acts being overseas in the UK, its nice to see an influx of more and more US producers coming out with awesome music. This new one, “Footsteps”, is a faster-paced track, but still provides the big emotional waves that you’ve come to expect with Brothel. I’m also stoked to say that he’ll be coming to Boston in a couple weeks along with my good friend Essex for their Dissolution Tour!


autumn keys – “Doobie”

There’s only one word to describe this track – ticklish. This beat will for sure put a smile on your face. It’s cute, bass-y and will make you crave some warm spring time memories.


Alt-J – “Tessellate” (Maddy O’Neal Remix)

Ooooooooh, I haven’t been able to post a dope glitch hop track is forever so this made me super happy! And not to mention, Alt-J isn’t a typical artist you see remixed, though there are a couple producers you’ll be familiar with on their page (I definitely spotted Lido on there). I love hearing what people do with rock and alternative music. Some of my favorite remixes sound nothing like the originals, and usually for the better. This is definitely one of them.


whispa – “Choke”

Yeah this track is 7 months old, but you know what, it got reposted and it wasn’t originally featured on Meltdown Mondays. Whispa is currently on hiatus right now much to my dismay but I thought it would be great to feature him on the same playlist as Brothel. Enjoy.


CVX & Antartika – “Biru” (Napolele Remix)

Hopping over to Indonesia, here’s a really cool remix I found from Napolele, who’s done some releases via Pedicure Records. I love the change ups in melodies from verse to drop. It’s like a two-for-one deal 🙂


– “Final Song” (Jauz X Diplo Remix)

I never share huge name bangers like this but this track is great. I love hearing artists team up that aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zones with different styles and sounds. Plus, say what you will, but I’ll always be a huge Jauz and Diplo fan.


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