Sumera Releases Exciting Out-Of-The-Box ‘Animal’ Track On HEXAGON

Making a first name for herself already some years ago, the Caribbean/Colombian/Portuguese singer Sumera has come a long way. Heavily influenced by various artists and genres, from the art of fado to Björk, Kate Bush and Amália Rodrigues, she is a wanderer at heart, traveled all her life, the past years moving between Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid and London.

This has led to interesting musical output, including the synthpop styled single ‘Bright Lies‘ and the impressive song ‘Wolf’, back in 2014. Now, she returns with a fresh collection of songs, constructed and inspired by the Berlin nightlife, with ‘Animal’ as the first result.

Both self-contained and wild, Sumera has used Berlin’s pulse and atmosphere as the backdrop for her latest work ‘Animal’. Using the melancholy and yearning of this city’s lonely nights as inspiration, her songs have become more intimate and personal than ever.

It’s a personal exploration of isolation through devotion; examining the process of becoming a shadow of oneself and being confronted with both the strength and fragility of desiring things that will destroy one.

Sumera wrote and produced all songs with the help of producer XNDR. Together they created a world of uncompromising dark-pulsating pop in which Sumera‘s husky vocals and personal lyrics sway steadily between hope and despair.

‘Animal’ was written within one night in the studio. I had come to a place in which I wanted to let go of all pre-conceptions of what a song had to be and had to achieve commercially. So I only wanted to focus on feel and instinct. On the moment. Accepting that that could be enough. ‘Animal’ was the very first song that came out of that process. Each song was created within one night, and whatever it was by then, it would remain. After that I started the production process with XNDR, aiming to create a sound that felt intense and reflected the lonely-hours we were working in, after 2am.” – Sumera

‘Animal’ also represents a bold move for HEXAGON, the label run by world famed DJ/producer Don Diablo. Known for releasing highly acclaimed dance tracks, critically acclaimed and played at festivals everywhere, the label expends its horizon with this true, heartfelt song. This release is one of the first steps for HEXAGON, which is going to broaden its output more and more in 2017.

Nino Caroselli

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