LeKtriQue Is Lighting Up The Sound-Waves With His Latest Release ‘Shred’


Montreal is bringing you a high-voltage electric current like no other and he goes by the name, LeKtriQue. This alter-ego has been born with the power to generate and control electricity. You are front and center as LeKtriQue tells this powerful story through each of his tracks and ‘Shred’ is no exception.

Shred’ wastes no time hitting you with a heavy dose of Electro bad-assery!  An ominous, thriller-type vocal score opens the track, which continues in the background, giving a cinematic effect. The drop then free falls into a hard electro-rock style, kinetic field, making you feel the energy in every shrill and every pounding synth. LeKtriQue has done an immense job taking you along for the ride through this thriller production. Take a listen, if you dare…

Victoria Cesino

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