Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 02.06.17

This month marks three years for Meltdown Mondays! Thanks to everyone for checking us out every week for a look into my top seven of my favorite in weird beats, underground internet music, and stuff to get you through the worst day of the week. Keep clicking and listening; this week’s playlist won’t let you down either.

93FEETOFSMOKE Feat. VELVETEARS -“I’ve Got a Lot of Fear For the Day That We’ll Be Dead” (Prod. tothegood)

This is definitely my top pick of the week. It’s cute, it’s quiet, it’s real, it’s powerful. I don’t even need to elaborate about this track. Just shut up and listen to it. The whole thing. Eight times.


Marcus32x – “Twista”

The cool thing about LoFi is that there are two variations of it. You have the Washed Out, Tampe Impala, Neon Indian-type of LoFi, which is kind of spacey and indie rock-like. And then you have this kind, which is like a Soviet techno transmission from the early days of sound files. I LOVE when the beat cuts out with the exception of the Twista vocals and the bass line. And I know I shouldn’t be biased but this track was created up by one of my favorite humans in the world.


Adam Young – “1977”

Consider this a new-age “Space Oddity”, complete with themed space songs and retro vibes. This was my favorite track off Adam Young’s”Voyager I”, which dropped in October of this past year. Definitely a good pick if you’re a Tycho fan!


Colin Domigan – “Jungle Error”

Another music homie feature today, this time from Boston’s Colin Domigan! This track is a hype machine. So many awesome flips and change ups, it’ll definitely turn up any work-out playlist or 1am basement party set. If you like what you hear, be sure to keep tabs on Colin – he’ll be releasing his new album soon.


Hernän – “For You (Pa Ti)”

This is an awesome little banger from Spanish producer Hernän via one of my favorites, Pedicure Records. It’s a really cool mix of American Wook Trap and synthy boss level music. Another dope track for those of us with music ADD.


d o w n s † a † e – “Call Now : 6-6-6-b-l-u-e-s-k-y”

Downstate (Greenland) seems to enjoying stretching his/her style as far as it can go. Though each track tends to stick in with a dark/synthwave format – big emotion, quick hi-hats, the sensation of falling inside out in a dark rainstorm etc. – you’ll get bits and pieces from other genres too, which is pretty cool, given how boring current music is. This track in particular is on the chiptune-side, reminds me a little bit of Kirby’s Dreamland-type music. Very, very about it.


AHH OOH – “Heart Like Stone”

I’ve been a fan of AHH OHH and an even bigger fan of his collective Hebinomichi, that he runs with STéLOUSE, since basically the beginning of Meltdown Mondays. They’ve been featured quite a bit. Ahh Ooh mentions in the description of the track that it’s apart of a new on-going 2017 Hebinomichi compilation playlist. A year-long compilation from one of the best future bass/internet beats collective out right now? Count me in. I know everyone is going to be about the vocals on here, but that guitar is so sad and beautiful, great track all around.

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