Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 01.30.17

A whole bunch of random stuff to munch on this week guys! Two tracks from Gothboiclique, some hiphop instrumentals, splashes of vapor…I think I outdid myself this week 🙂

LiL PEEP Feat. Horse Head – “Right Here” (Prod. by Nedarb)

I’ve been a huge fan of GBC since pretty much the beginning so when I started seeing LiL PEEP pop up on their feed and then finally linking up with them, I was stoked. Their music is real and Nedarb and Horse Head especially have a knack for choosing the perfect emo and pop punk songs to sample on a good majority of their production. I could never get sick of the music these guys make. They’re all out in LA now.


Kodyak – “By A Thread”

This is one of the most interesting sounding tracks I’ve heard in a while. It’s relaxing but intoxicating, powerful yet calm. I love stuff that you can drift off to, and this is definitely one of those tracks. Kodyak is from Cali.


Swan – “Phauno”

A lot like Kodyak above, Swan is another producer I really, really like. His production is always a fun surprise in every track. Some artists I like because you know what you’re going to get when you see their name pop up, but Swan is always different. He is from Italy.


Horizon – “Serenity”

Please file under: incredibly catchy and stuff your girlfriend will really like. I wish I had more info on Horizon, but his SoundCloud account looks newer so hopefully more to come by him.


CIG.MARGOT – “40onmywrist”

Just last week, I posted suicideyear’s 21 Savage remix, saying that I was glad to have it so I could finally listen to such a popular and terrible song. CIG.MARGOT (Tennessee) took Young Thug’s “Stoner” and made it listenable for me too. This is dope!


Lil Tracy – “Desire” (Yawns Remix)

Here’s another one from GBC, this time it’s from their official remixer Yawns. I thought they were lacking a producer like this, someone who could revamp already awesome tracks and give them a new feel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a SoundCloud for Yawns, so you’ll just get directed to the GBC page when you click his name, but a lot of his stuff is on there.


.CASTING – “Quiettime”

.CASTING (Italy) is a pretty big name in the vaporwave scene, but he’s been MIA for a bit. He splashed back this week with a new track and people are going nuts. Check it out for yourself.


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