Sonic Selections Presents: Meltdown Mondays 01.23.17

Wow, what a break that was. Sorry for being MIA guys but our site was compromised and we needed a little time to clean up whatever was messing with it. I missed shoving music down your throats and I hope you missed taking that music like the good boys and girls you are!

POLO – “South Bay”

This is POLO from New Zealand and I have been listening to his track “South Bay” on a continuous loop for the past few days. I’m a sucker for piano and I’ve really just been sticking to instrumentals and jazz and soundtracks and things like that. This really is beautiful and a great way to kick off the playlist this week.


NtrlTaste – “Só Para a Frente”

NtrlTaste is a Russian duo made up of LOSTSVUND and FLATDELISHES; they’re apart of Night Owl. Their sound is super, super clean. You can distinctly hear each sound, each sample at it’s intended value and I think that’s so lost in the current state of electronic music. Everyone just pushes out a product – MAKE IT LOUD, MAKE IT GRAB YOUR ATTENTION – but this is striking because it’s easy on the ears and, so, so fresh.


Elley Duhé – “Immortal”

This track I’ve had on repeat all week. It’s so infectious – the beat, the emphasis on certain syllables, plus Elley Duhé’s is so distinct. Everything about this is addicting to my ear taste buds. My biggest fear though is that someone is going to get the bright idea to start featuring her on electronic pop singles and then everyone will start using her and it’ll be like Bright Eyes all over again. I would hate to see that happen to someone with as much swagger as this girl has on this track. But hey, I mean, that’s a a big check, who can knock someone for going that route? Elley Duhé is from Alabama.


Resonance – “Together”

I gotta say, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been able to post an actual “progressive house” track. And I mean throwing it back to the transition from trance to house. This kind of music is how a lot of us got into electronic music and it really kills me that it’s become scarce from the mainstream. Anyway, I thought this was a great track, though there is not much info on the artist.


GRISFX – “The First Time I Saw Her”

The first time we see someone that makes time stop around us, that is everything that this track is. Cool, clean, but striking as well. As the track progresses and picks up the pace, it’s almost like this girl texted him back or said something to him at a party. The gratification of the nervousness at the beginning of the track. GRISFX nailed it. He’s from Belgium.


PULSUM – “Lost”

This track is trippy and funky as hell. I love the revolving “yell” that comes in and out throughout it. It reminds me of this neon glow painted room that was in this after hours club I used to go to in CT called AfterLife. You’d always hear crazy jungle beats like this, and everyone would be having a good time, lit up with neon, but barely visible in the dark. It’s like when they show kids on drugs in movies. That’s what this sounds like to me. PULSUM is from Montreal.


21 Savage Feat. Future – “X” (Suicideyear Remix)

Well, this beats the hell out of the original, that’s for sure. Everybody wants to touch this song and remix it but this is the best I’ve seen thus far. I can actually listen to it and it has passion behind it. Suicideyear is from Baton Rouge, LA.

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