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Sonic Agenda likes to take time to dig down deep in the dance world and find up and coming artists to shine a spotlight on each month and showcase their previous. and upcoming work. This month, we would like to introduce to our readers an artist who goes by the name,’Fred Issue’. Fred is an up-and-coming- Swedish producer who has been on a firestorm ever since the start of 2015. We sat down and explored the inner makings of this mavericks upcoming as a producer along with the inspirations behind his productions. Check out this exclusive interview with Sweden’s very own, Fred Issue.

SA: How long have you been producing music Fred? Could you let us in to what inspired you to start?

Fred Issue:  I’ve been produced music for 2 years now. I’ve had always have a big passion for electronic/house music and one day I just woke up and felt like I wanted to learn doing it myself. Since the day I started making music I’ve been high and low about it, I’ve just love what I do!


SA: We know you’re a big fan of Steve Angello and the Size artists, what other artist have you been influenced by throughout your music career?

Fred Issue: hmm Wayne & Woods, Schossow, Sebjak, [emuze]Dannic[/emuze] , Merk & Kremont , Lush & Simon and more

SA: How do you get over things such as writers block when you produce?

Fred Issue: Sometimes when I’ve got writers block I’ve turn my computer off for 2-3 days. In that time I’ve get to experience withdrawal and then all my inspiration is back on track. But everything I see and hear inspires me so this is not an ISSUE for me.

SA: Speaking of producing, what is your DAW of choice?

Fred Issue: FL Studio 11

Fred Issue studio picture

SA: Your latest release,’Hambala’ got a lot of support from some big artists. What was the story behind how that track came about?

Fred Issue: Hambala is one of my best tracks so far and I’m very proud of it! I’ve got inspired by the movie “Jurassic Park” and I wanted to do something with an jungle touch, I’ve think I nailed it.

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SA: How has living in Sweden influenced you as an artist?

Fred Issue:  As you said before [emuze]Steve Angello[/emuze] is a big inspiration for me and there is many more good producers from Sweden so I’m definitely proud of being a swede. The cold winters in Sweden makes us wanna go inside and then we have a lot of time to make some good music haha.

SA: Looking forward into the year, do you have any new music you’d like to let us in on that we may be seeing?

Fred Issue: Yes, I have a lot of music that’s coming got one with Wayne & Woods coming and some single and with a Swedish guy and a guy from Brazil, and I really love these track and can’t wait to show this tracks.

SA: Your EP on Arcadia Records had reached #6 on the dance charts & #24 overall on itunes, in one day. What was your reaction to the immediate success of this?

Fred Issue: I was not really expecting the success about this track but the fact that it’s going so great makes me very happy and proud with myself, it was definitely worth all the time I’ve spend on it.

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SA: It seems like a lot of artists lately have been crossing over and working with different genres than we’re used to from them, and you yourself have been working with a lot of styles too, why do you think this is?

Fred Issue: I think many artists wanna spread their wings and try to do other things than they otherwise always do, and it’s a good way to reach new fans and listeners. Me and myself think it’s funny to play around with different sounds but I still don’t wanna go too far from what’s “my sound”.

Fred Issue TBT

SA: If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

Fred Issue: hmm good question! I think I would take.. The boss Steve, cause I have always loved he’s label and him like and artist and he’s sound and feeling/passion for music.. And he is Swedish haha so we can eat meatballs and surströmming on a session break.

SA: Living in Sweden you get to see a different side to the Dance Music world than what American fans do. What are your current thoughts on Dance Music and it’s presence here in America? Do you think the US fans ‘Get it’ ?

Fred Issue: Compares to Sweden the dance music in America is so much bigger and more popular but like I said before many good producers come from Sweden so I definitely think we are pretty big in the house music world. But America is probably the best place to be if you wanna succeed.


SA: You have an upcoming release on March 30th via Void Records. Can you talk a bit about the story behind how the track came about? 

Fred Issue: yes I do! So excited. Me and digital militia was working on a idea for a collab, then I made the drop of track and passed it over to mason’s rave so they could join and then they worked with the break and stuff and then ‘Bachtor‘ was born. It’s really special collab and can’t wait to release the beast.

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